Ogbomoso Central Local Council Development Area, with its headquarters at Oja’gbo, Ogbomoso came into being on October 6th, 2016, through the enactment of Local Government (Further Amendment) Law, 2016 of Oyo State from Ogbomoso North Local Government, Kinnira, Ogbomoso.
Pursuant to the circular letter Reference Number c.1324/204 of 16th January, 2017 titled “Posting of staff from the Existing Local Government to the Newly Created Local Council Development Area in Oyo State” which emanated from the Local Government Service Commission, Secretariat, Ibadan, Ogbomoso Local Council Development Area Secretariat at Oja’gbo–Ogbomoso officially opened to government business accordingly.
The LCDA is bounded by Ogbomoso South Local Government Area to the south, Surulere Local Government to the east and Ogbomoso North Local Government to the west and north. The inhabitants are predominantly Muslims and Christians with sizeable number of traditionalists. The presence of large number of Churches and Mosques attested to this assertion, hence, their God fearing attributes. Despite the multiplicity in their belief and orientation as regards religion, there exists religious harmony and peaceful co-existence in Ogbomoso LCDA.
The people of Ogbomoso Central LCDA are peace-loving, socially refined, educationally advanced, well-travelled engaging in one legitimate venture or the other and with a high sense of political culture. The indigenes of the Council Development Area are well known for subsistent/commercial farming taking advantage of the fertile soil, which allows for cultivation of arable and cash crops e.g. cassava, tomatoes, maize, melon, yam, guinea corn, okro, mangoes, cashew, to mention but a few.
The council is metropolitan in nature, having effective network of accessible roads linking to some major trunk “A” roads. Indeed, virtually all the major roads within the LCDA are tarred with asphaltic bitumen. The LCDA comprises of eight (08) wards, as created by the immediate past administration namely;
Isale Afon
The Local Council Development Area is populated by civil servants, farmers, entrepreneurs, traders, seasoned politicians, artisans, market men and women.
Notable features of urbanization in terms of tarred roads network, electrification, functioning deep wells and boreholes for supplying of portable water, private and public health delivery services, concentration of basic and post-basic schools and tertiary institutions, especially Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso.